• Explosion Proof Equipments

    image for explosion proof lighting fixtures image for explosion proof junction boxe, terminal boxe and device
    Lighting Fixture Junction Box, Terminal Box and Devices
  • Explosion Proof Equipments

    image for explosion proof fittings image for explosion proof Push Button, Local Control Station, Switchgear and Earthing System
    Fittings Push Button, Local Control Station, Switchgear and Earthing System
  • Explosion Proof Equipments

    image for explosion proof Switch and Receptacle image for explosion proof Acoustic Optical Device
    Switch and Receptacle Acoustic Optical Device
  • Steel Material and Products

    Beams & Profiles Wires Pipes & Tubes
  • Steel Material and Products

    Flanges & Fittings Cold/Hot Rolled Coils Steel Sheets
  • Electrical Panel Measuring Instruments

    Transducers Digital Meters Analog Meters Power Meters
  • Switches

    Cam Switch Disconnector Switch Limit Switch
  • Stabillisers and Transformers

    Voltage Stabilisers and Magnetic components Transformers
  • Industrial Plugs & Sockets and Enclosures

    Boxes with wired power sockets Steel site panels Industrial plugs & sockets
  • Welding & Cutting Robotic Systems and Equipment

    Robotic welding systems
  • Explosion Proof Lamps

    Cap Lamps Hand Lamps

Over 25 years of experience in supply of Steel Material, Explosion Proof Electrical Equipment, Electrical Panel Measuring Instruments, Rotary & limit switches, Welding & Cutting Robotic Machinery & Tools, Ship Building & Marin Equipment.

Foundation of the Shahab Asa Int. Co. goes back to 1980, focusing on trade between Iran and Italy. Lately the group grew to a well-known International trading company moving to many other European countries as well as far-east Asia.

The mission of Shahab Asa Int. Co. is to source and supply high quality products from reputable and well known producers and manufacturers around the globe in professional, cost effective and ample time to suit customer’s projects and investments.

Shahab Asa Int. Co. is registered in approved vendor list ( AVL ) of almost all Oil, Gas & Petrochemical companies and projects as well as major contractors and Industries.

  • Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Companies and Projects
  • Switchgear and Panel Producers
  • Structural Steel Construction and Piping Contractors
  • Rail Wagon Producers
  • Power Plants and Energy System Projects
  • Shipbuilding and Marine Industries
  • Earthmoving Machinery & Forklift Manufacturer
  • Chemical & Food Industries
  • Aircraft & Chemical Industries
  • Space & Aeronautic Industries