News & Events

Shahab Asa
Sport: sponsorship of double players tennis games “ Estefhlal Club”.
Alireza Dorri (MD) with his partner became the champion March 2018

Shahab Asa
Date: 16th Nov. 2017
Agency contract renewed with VEMER Italy

17th Iran International Electricity Exhibition
Date: 13th to 15th Nov. 2017
Participation in 17th iran international electricity exhibition in Tehran with VEMER Italy

9th Ahwaz International oil industries exhibition
Date: 11th to 14th Nov. 2017
Shahabasa participated in 9th Ahwaz International oil industries exhibition for COSIME Italy

8th Ahwaz International exhibition
Date: 7th to 10th Nov. 2016

16th Tehran Industrial Exhibition
Date: 5th to 8th Oct. 2016
Hall 38, boot number 3811

21th Tehran Oil ,Gas,Refining & Petrochemical exhibition- Iran Oil Show
Date: 5th to 8th May. 2016
Hall 38, boot number 1608

Upcoming Events

Middle East Electricity exhibition in Dubai
Date: 14th to 16th Feb. 2017

We will be present in hall 3 Italian Pavilion presenting:
Explosion proof equipment
Energy Division:
Electrical Measurement Devices
Time Switches and Control Devices
Stabilisers and Transformers

22th Oil, Gas, Refining & Petrochemical exhibition in Tehran
Date: 6th to 9th May. 2017